We lease an amazing 10,000 square foot building at 284 Broadway between Central Square and Inman Square, and we brew, package, and sell our beer right from there. The building used to be Metric Systems, a wonderful neighborhood auto repair shop owned by a father and son team. They took a chance and chose to lease the building to a start-up rather than sell to a developer. We are so so grateful, and hope to make them proud. 

There's not much parking, we don't have a loading dock, and we occasionally find some old quirks, but the building and location are amazing. We are so glad to be producing and sharing our product at the center of Cambridge activity in an area that's accessible by bike, foot, bus, T, car, or pedi-cab, and we are smitten everyday with the beautiful brick facade and industrial interior.   


Our onsite taproom serves as a launching ground for new and seasonal styles, and provide a space to see the brewing process in action and learn more about what we're doing. Our retail counter offers a spot to grab crowlers, cans, and bottles to-go, and is nestled in the brewing area so that you can get right up close to the action. We also offer our beers in various bars, restaurants, and liquor stores throughout Cambridge.

One of our main goals is to make a positive impact on the community, and give back to the neighborhood that we live in (yes, our condo is two blocks away - the commute to work is reasonable). We'll also house Longfellows, a coffee shop and cafe, during the morning hours and early afternoon. This is a local spot - we want a space for you to hang out, have fun, and drink and eat in Area IV.


We brew our beers in Cambridge because we think it's the best place in the whole world. It's a center of entrepreneurship and innovation, and it's also rich with history and culture. We have an incredible food and beverage scene, and a ton of diverse, intelligent, and interesting community members. 

We want our beers to complement the amazing city we live in, and we want to provide a local option for all the good folks who live, work, study, and visit the area. Brewing is a science, and its also an art. Cambridge is a city that embodies both, and we hope to reflect that in our beers.




What's with the name, you ask? Good question. We wanted to identify ourselves with something that was truly Cambridge in its feel, and we were inspired by the gorgeous old gas lamps found around the city. When lit, they're warm, they're welcoming, and they feel like Cambridge. They are also a symbol of community, tradition, and (at the time when they were used...) progress. A lamplighter was the guy or gal who was responsible for lighting these beacons, and we similarly hope to mimic these qualities in our taproom and beer.

If we want to take the metaphor too far, we can also discuss how drinking beer feels a bit like lighting your inner lamp.