When are you opening?

We're open! Believe it or not, we've made it through the main hurdles of construction, and have a fully functioning brewery!

What sort of beers are you brewing?

We're dedicating two of our four fermenters to Brettanomyces - a really interesting and fun yeast strain that isn't often found in primary fermentation. With this strain, we'll add unique twists to classic styles, and convince you that Brett can make some really awesome and drinkable beers. We'll also brew seasonal selections on our pilot system and remaining fermenters - think dry hopped saison, cold brew infused sour mashed ale, chamomile wheat ale, and an amber - to round out our wild yeast options. Our tap list will be constantly rotating, and based on the whims of what's available and what we think is delicious. 

Why don't you have a bigger food menu?

Our kitchen is really tiny, and we're not looking to be a full service restaurant or brewpub. We're hoping to offer hot dogs and tots soon because we think they're fun and tasty (and we're stoked about our relationship with local farms), but we don't expect you to choose us for dinner and expect a full course meal. If there's something you'd prefer, you're always welcome to bring food in or order to our door - we just want you to enjoy the space and enjoy the beer. 

What's the deal with the coffee?

Longfellows Cambridge is a new concept started by our friends, Alisha and Jesse. This dynamic duo takes over the taproom in the morning hours and dishes out espresso drinks, cold-brew, drip coffee, and pastries. We're really delighted to have someone utilizing the taproom in the morning, and to have the opportunity to have our morning cup of joe as soon as we walk in the door. 

Are you hiring?

We're always looking for qualified and enthusiastic people to to join our team. Please send us a resume and cover letter ( if you'd like to be considered for growler filler, bartender, busser, or hot dog master.

What are your hours?


Monday - 7:30 A.M. to 2 P.M. (coffee + pastry service only)

Tuesday through Friday - 7:30 A.M. to Midnight (beer starts at 11 A.M.)

Saturday - 8:30 A.M. to Midnight (beer starts at 11 A.M.)

Sunday - 8:30 A.M. to 10 P.M. (beer starts at 11 A.M.)

Can you have live entertainment?

Sadly no. We're in a Business-A district, and that means we're not zoned appropriately for live music, DJ's, dancing, comedy shows, or talks. We hope to apply for another variance and change this as soon as we can, but meanwhile we'll be rocking out to some tunes on the speaker system and encouraging friendly conversations instead.

What's your background?

We resided in Vermont for long enough to become obsessed with fresh and local craft beer and home brewing. A series of fortunate events led us to Cambridge and a series of too many beers led us to come up with the idea of opening our own brewery. After completing our associate degrees in brewing technology at The Siebel Institute in Chicago, we embarked on finding a location and sealing the deal in downtown Cambridge. Along the way, we adopted Tyler, a crafty brewer with 5 years of experience at Cape Cod, Wormtown, and Mystic, into the family. Lamplighter has been our life for the last 3 years, and we so thrilled to be entering the home stretch towards opening and sharing our excitement with the world.