Here Comes the Crowler


We need to talk about growlers.

You know, those glass jugs you fill with beer with? We’ve been thinking a lot about them lately; their use, their preservation of quality, their durability. More importantly, we've been mulling the role of growlers at Lamplighter moving forward, and feel a change is needed.

So, starting Tuesday, August 29, we will no longer sell growler and squealer glassware as a means to take our beer home. We have purchased a crowler sealer and will transition our team to offer those containers moving forward. 

Simply put, crowlers (can + growler = crowler) are 32-ounce cans of beer filled to-order, much like growlers are. But since they’re sealed by a machine and never re-used, they’re both a better investment in the quality of beer we’re packaging and a better vessel to hold it in. Growlers are, well...they can be fickle in terms of beer quality. Even though we clean and sanitize growlers on site, there is always a chance something goes bad with a reusable container.

Additionally, growlers are clunky, waste more beer, and their caps don’t always guarantee a proper seal. With crowlers, we can offer a better drinking experience in almost every way: no light penetration, no oxidization, air-tight seal, and fresher beer. Crowlers are also completely recyclable, and don’t require any sort of glass fee. Once we sat down and thought about it, the switch was a no-brainer.


Growlers won’t be entirely absent from our brewery, though. Although we will no longer sell re-usable glassware, we will still fill all growlers brought in—given it’s ours or a state-approved unbranded one—and will continue to sell our stainless steel growlers. However, if you’d like embrace the move to crowlers with us, we’ll happily buy back any Lamplighter glass for what you paid for it ($3 for squealers, $4 for the big guys) during any of our open hours. 

Once we make this switch, our retail counter will function much like it always has. Our daily menu of beers available for crowler fills will rotate 3-4 options each week and will be filled to order. We’re even planning to offer Longfellows cold brew coffee in crowlers, though they will continue to sell all of their glassware as well. And, in the end, a filled 32-ounce crowler will be the same price as a filled 32-ounce squealer, minus the glassware fee necessary for a new squealer.

We hope everyone understands our reasoning, and remains open-minded as we take steps to usher in crowlers and phase out growlers. Ultimately, we believe this change will allow us to serve fresher better beer, and that’s what really matters! 

If you have any comments or concerns regarding this switch, please email us at with your thoughts. 



Cayla MarvilComment