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Hi, friends. My name is Alex Wilking. Cayla and AC are busy keeping the brewery afloat, so I’ll be heading up this blog to give you the lowdown on what they’re up to.

As our whole team has stressed before, thank you. We’ve done our best to express gratitude for the pints and flights shared since opening, but have been searching for a way to *really* give back. A way to actively engage with our neighborhood, our city, and, most importantly, you cool cats. We’ve received a ton of requests to do just that, but haven’t been able to meet demand without stretching ourselves thin.

After some brainstorming sessions, we’ve found a solution. Today, we’re launching a Community Engagement Committee to aid organizations in the area. Our hope is that this will streamline the surge of organizations reaching out to us and introduce a cohesive application process. You can snag that application in person at the brewery, or submit one through our website contact page. Inquiries can also be sent to We'll review applications quarterly and be in touch with decisions on donations from there.

Outreach aside, we’ve got plenty more beer coming your way, including a fresh batch of Birds Of A Feather and a new riff on Sound & Vision. And if you ever have questions/concerns/wanna say hi, just let us know in the comments here or on social media. We’re always reading, listening, and absorbing what you wonderful people have to say. 

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Lamplighter Donation Application

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