Updates on Updates

Oh boy. According to the calendar it’s March, and that means the last few months just absolutely disappeared. And accordingly to our blog, my last post was in November. Whoops. Hello again!

Things have been absolutely amazing and crazy and wonderful and stressful these last few months since opening. We are completely flattered by the turnout to the taproom, and absolutely amazed every time we talk to someone who has had our beer on tap, purchased our cans, or trekked to the taproom in the snow just to get a growler. Thank you to those who have visited, to those who have offered invaluable feedback and support as we work out the kinks, and mostly, thank you to all for welcoming us to the local craft beer scene! We are so freaking excited to finally be up and running.

There’s been a lot of questions, there’s been a lot of changes, and there’s been a lot of updates as we've adjusted to being open. So without further ado, here’s the scoop on plans, projects, and ideas for the remainder of 2017:

  • Cans – it’s been awesome to work with Ironheart for our canning, and we’re really excited to be doing more and more runs over the next few months. We don’t have the tank space to be canning every beer we make, but our hope is release cans more often and in larger quantities as we dial in our brew schedule. Expect to see a release of Jackalope (DIPA) and Stardust (IPA) next week, and then a Pale Ale and Double Wit beer during the beginning of April. More hops and more sour coming your way at the end of April, and lots of sessionable summer options planned for May and beyond. We’re also going to start bottling our Brett and sour beers in late April (Ironheart won’t can anything with wild yeast so it’s harder for us to get these out to liquor stores), but begin look for small batch bottling runs of these within a month!
  • Food – we’re not going to offer our own food (other than free bar snacks and Wednesday cheese night!) in the taproom. We had originally planned to do hot dogs and tots, but we don’t have the kitchen space or equipment required to produce at the scale people want, and we want to remain a tasting space rather than a designated restaurant/brewpub. Additionally, we’re super stoked about all the pop-ups and food vendors that have been coming through to spice things up, and we love the ability to have rotating food options rather than one set menu. We’ll keep doing Wednesday cheese night and Thursday/Sunday pop-ups, and we’re also hoping to have food trucks outside on Fridays and Saturdays once the weather warms up. This is subject to change down the road, but we're pretty set on keeping our focus on beer right now.


  • Taproom Plans – the taproom reception has been much larger than we anticipated (thank you!), so we’re hoping to open up the middle of the brewery as additional taproom and cafe space (currently our capacity is ~100, and we're hoping to build out space for an additional ~70 people). This would give us the opportunity to get more people inside (ideally no more lines!), host more events, create a private venue for parties and functions, and have more general space for games, beer, snacks, and fun. If you’re willing to help with the expansion, please sign the petition here - https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/help-us-expand-the-lamplighter-taproom. We have a lot of licensing hurdles to get through, and every signature helps. We’re also hoping to have more fun events and pop-ups in the taproom as the spring goes on. We’re exploring the possibility of hosting Monday night beer dinners (essentially rotating and ticketed beer and food pairings with local restaurants/food trucks), and continuing monthly mingling opportunities and game nights. We’re also so amped to throw open the garage doors and windows and embrace warm weather soon. Go away snow.
  • Beer – as you likely know, our beer options are ever changing, and we plan to keep it this way for quite awhile. It’s fun for us to constantly be experimenting and trying new things, and we love the possibility of new and seasonal ingredients and keeping the menu fresh and interesting. We’ll keep bringing back the faves, and we’re continuing to spend a lot of energy on 100% Brettanomyces fermentations and kettle sours. We’re definitely brewing more hoppy beers than we anticipated (you guys love IPAs!), but that’s awesome too – we want to be producing things that everyone wants to drink, and we're glad to be playing around with both funky and traditional styles. Additionally, we have a budding barrel program in the back of the brewery (30 barrels and counting!), and we’re hoping to release our first barreled sours in late summer. All in all, expect a lot of new options over the next few months, and also expect to see some re-runs. And if nothing else, definitely make it to the taproom this weekend for a taste of Finnegan's Wake, our Irish Dry Stout on Nitro. It's delicious.

That's all for now! Hopefully more updates more frequently in the future.

Cheers, and Happy St. Patty's!


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