Release the Beast

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Easy Tiger roars into our bottle fridge today! Our 100% Brett-fermented IPA boasts flavors of grilled pineapple, black pepper, and a touch of funk on the finish. Bottles will be available for sale starting at 5 p.m.

Some of you may be reading and wondering, “what’s Brett?” Put simply, Brett (short for Brettanomyces) is a “wild” yeast strain. Put *less* simply, Brett yeasts interact with beer differently than standard brewer’s yeasts, creating flavors more in the realm of barnyard, funk, spice, and sometimes sour. Brett naturally grows on fruit skins, which is why it’s often referred to as wild. When put into beer, the results can be far funkier and more complex than your “average” ale.

Brett differs from a more typical strain of Saccharomyces yeast (“brewer’s yeast”) by how it eats. And oh does Brett eat. Since the yeast is able to nosh on more complex sugars, much different flavors surface during fermentation, whether it’s primary or secondary. Those hints of funk have made the yeast a praised addition to craft beer, whether brewers are aging beers with Brett or making their beer 100% with it.

At Lamp, we’ve worked with Brett’s bizarre flavors in many capacities to let it shine. Easy Tiger is a base IPA recipe that’s fermented for eight weeks in stainless with our house strain of Brett. We also take the runnings of the beer’s yeast to make Lion Eyes, another one of our Brett IPAs, and do the same with that beer to then ferment Leopard King.

Don’t be scared its off-kilter tasting notes, though. Because these beers are a stark change of pace from a crisp IPA or lager, many people lump them in with sour beers. However, Brett beers don’t have to be tart or sour. Many beers on our roster, including Easy Tiger and Leopard King, are fully fermented with Brett in stainless steel tank—a process called primary fermentation—and carry their own unique flavors because of it. Think citrus pith, clove, pepper, tropical fruits, etc.

We’ve also played around with secondary fermentation, aka exposing Brett to already finished beer in oak barrels, which has led to fruity, funky, and oaky beers like Astral Weeks and Eponine. We still have plenty of beers slumbering away in oak barrels with Brett in them, waiting for their moment - expect these to start coming out more and more over the next few months.

This yeast is something we love, and we’re constantly scheming ways we can harness its funk. Easy Tiger is a great entry into the realm of primary Brett, so stop in, grab a taste, get a bottle, and get funky with us!



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