Lamplighter, Food, and You

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Hey all! Alex here. As most people realize by now, we’ve got a thing for food here at Lamplighter. Stop in on any given day, and there’s bound to be some sort of local vendor or pop-up occupying our kitchen. Rather than carry any in-house food, we’ve loved showcasing the many local restaurants and kitchens nearby, and bringing their fare right to you. (we'd rather collab with the experts, and focus all our attention on what we do best - beer.)

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Since our schedule of pop-ups and food events is continually changing, we felt it was a good time to share some updates about food, Lamp, and you. As always, you’re welcome to order in or bring your own food to the taproom at anytime, from anywhere. While we don’t offer food every night — aside from our free bar snacks — we love being able to showcase local eats, like Kalahari Biltong (South African-style dried beef, available for purchase any day of the week) and Wicked Twisted pretzels (hot soft pretzels available Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays).


To supplement those smaller bites, we’ve been happy to bring in a number of pop-ups and local companies right to our kitchen. You’ll soon notice that a few of those places will become mainstays moving forward: Manoa Poke will now offer its island eats the second Friday of every month, and Jaju Pierogi will sell its tantalizing Polish poppers every third Friday of the month.

We’re also excited to share that starting this week, The Porch will begin to serve its Southern-style barbecue every Thursday, from 6-9 p.m., right in our taproom. The Wakefield shop has stopped by many times before to offer its hearty menu of brisket, mac and cheese, and pulled pork, and we’re excited to finally have them in our regular rotation.

The Cambridge and Boston areas are such dense hubs for creativity, especially when it comes to food, so we aim to bring in full-fledged restaurants and local vendors every Friday night. On any given week, those pop-ups have included anything from the savory sandwiches of Puritan & Co., to the meat-infused grub from The Bacon Truck.

We don’t plan to stop hosting companies like these anytime soon. If anything, we’re hoping to showcase more restaurants moving forward, like we have Brewers Crackers, Island Creek Oysters, Pamangan, Phinix Grill, The Roving Lunchbox, and Shuck Food Truck. We also have some fun upcoming pop-ups that we’re throwing in-house, like a waffle night as part of our Flannels & Foliage party, and a loaded taco pop-up.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on who we should bring in, or if you’re interested in doing a pop-up, just shoot us a note at

Stay hungry,


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