That Moment When You Become a Brewery, and Not Just a Construction Project

This has been a three year roller coaster ride of good fortune, ridiculous road bumps (I’m looking at you underground oil tanks), and a lot of time spent waiting on some sort of license, some sort of variance, or some sort of inspection. We’ve had a laundry list of odd side jobs to keep the bills paid, quite a few moments where we wondered if this would ever actually happen, and quite a few more where we thought we were on track and then something screwed our timeline. (ie. three weeks ago one of the sub-contractors flat out refused to hook up the heater vent that we needed to pass our gas inspection for no apparent reason, so we were set back yet another week and a half while we frantically searched for someone else willing to do what turned out to be a 15 minute job...I'm not bitter. Really.). All in all, we've learned a wild amount about starting up a business, and an important lesson about things always taking quite a bit longer than your business plan states. (we were looking back through our first Instagram posts the other day, and one said "We're so excited to be opening Winter 2014-2015"...ahhhh wouldn't that have been nice...). 

But none of it matters anymore, because we reached the moment we've been waiting for:


Yes, the system isn't working perfectly yet. Yes, we still have a lot of construction remaining. And yes, we realize this has taken us longer than we've promised, but who cares? There's beer in the very immediate future, and we're really really really happy about that. A few down, many more to come.

We dedicated Batch Number One to a delicious and summery dry-hopped saison. Things went somewhat smoothly, despite the inevitable learning curve and tweaking necessary when brewing on a new system for the first time, and, after eight sweaty hours of playing and fiddling and brewing and smiling, we have some happy wort hanging out in Dobby (aka Fermenter #1). And the yeast party has begun. 

The remainder of last week was spent brewing our Brett IPA, Chamomile Honey Wheat, and Amber Ale. Next week we'll fire up the big system and give it a whirl with a few more Brett beers and a sour pale ale.

The taproom still has a ways to go, but our hope is to open our doors for growler fills whenever we have enough kegs ready to rumble. And we'll certainly keep you updated on any and all word of Lamplighter beer getting ready to enter into the wilds of Cambridge.

That's all for now. I'm off to dance around the brewery in pure ecstasy and whisper words of fermentation and encouragement to the tanks. We made it. May have taken us a few years longer than we thought, but we are living the dream and cannot wait to open our doors!


Cayla Marvil3 Comments