Caffeine Gets Added to the Mix

What’s the only beverage that may be as good as beer? This isn’t a trick question. Clearly it’s coffee.

Where’s the best place to enjoy coffee? Again, not a trick. Clearly it’s in a brewery taproom, while munching a pastry and deciding what beer you’re going to order when the clock strikes noon.

See where I’m going with this?

A few months ago, our friend Alisha approached us with a business idea – she wanted to open a coffee and pastry shop, and she wanted to do it in the Lamplighter taproom. Obviously we said yes.

We ironed out some details about hours, discussed how we would coordinate the use of the taproom and associated equipment, and drank copious amounts of crazy-good cold brew to keep our minds sharp. It’s a no brainer for us to have someone use the space in the A.M. when we’re not around, and there’s the added bonus (or necessity?) of always having really good coffee in close proximity. There’s also some really cool things that can be done with coffee and beer (Coffee Berliner Weisse anyone? Or how about a Cold-Brew/Imperial Stout “Shandy”?), and it’s going to be awesome to have the resources we need to experiment right at our front door.

It also helps that Alisha has the same vision as us: she’s looking to provide a much needed neighborhood spot for Area IV, and hopes to do this by making tasty craft beverages and sharing with the community. She’s spent the last few years working at Chef's Collaborative and is well versed in the local restaurant community and making a positive impact through food and drink. Plus, she’s a pro barista and pro coffee drinker, and has some really awesome ideas for the space and menu.

Alisha will be opening her coffee and baked goods concept from Day 1 of our taproom debut (early July if construction continues to plod along at a somewhat steady pace), and she will be running some great hours to keep the neighborhood well fed and well caffeinated. Here are the details:

Name: Longfellows (Henry Wadsworth himself used to walk from Cambridge to Boston to court Ms. Francis Appleton in Beacon Hill, and, even though the current building wasn’t standing in the 1840’s, we’re assuming Longfellow walked right past 284 Broadway on his way to love. He probably would have enjoyed stopping for a coffee and beer if the option presented itself.)

Hours: Monday through Friday 7 A.M. to 2 P.M., and Saturday 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. (this means we’ll have beer and coffee during lunch! Heaven!)

Coffee: A full range of espresso drinks and lots of creative cold brew concoctions – including Cardamom Orange Cold Brew, which may be the best non-alcoholic drink we’ve ever tasted.

Food: A rotating selection of pastries from local bakeshops and Belgian liege-style waffles made to order with seasonal toppings (think Rhubarb Compote right now). Plus, an expanding list of daily treats, like to-go yogurt parfaits!

Other Fun: A selection of teas and homemade sodas (including Citrus Rosemary and Rhubarb Lemon) will be available, plus we’ll have growlers of Longfellows’ cold-brew for folks to take home from our growler room. And, even when Alisha isn’t in the house slinging coffee and treats, we’ll have cold-brew on tap at the bar so that you can get your coffee fix.

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Now we’re even more excited to open!!! Hurry up construction!!!