February Progress and Updates

Month 4 of reno is complete! (and we even got an extra day due to leap year! How exciting!)

We started to see some serious changes in the building this month – mostly because massive holes were cut into the floor to allow for trench drains and plumbing.

And things are right on track as we enter March. As the plumbing wizards prep the trenches in anticipation of laying lots of fancy pipes, we’ve started to prep the floor to be sloped and sealed, and assist as equipment rolls through the door. That’s right – there’s now actual brewing equipment in the building. It's not hooked up (or even upright), but you can no longer walk into 284 Broadway and question our intentions for the space; the entire back is dominated by pretty shiny stainless tanks that are just begging to be used (soon enough, fermentors…soon enough!). We also got our very own forklift, so we really feel like we're moving up in the world.

And perhaps most importantly, we received approval for our Common Victualer’s License, Entertainment License, and Pouring Permit from the City, so we’re a go for having food, music, and beer in the taproom! Now if only we could magically make construction finish…

All in all, February was a successful month, and we're thrilled to be one step closer to bringing beer to the neighborhood. Here’s a little photo slideshow of our progress from month 4 of reno:

Hip hip hooray! Until next time...


Cayla Marvil1 Comment