The Taproom Lowdown

We’ve talked about beer, and equipment, and renovations, and licenses, and all the good stuff that goes into making a magical little brewery in downtown Cambridge. But we haven’t talked even a bit about our taproom, and the plans we’re putting into motion to create a beer haven at 284 Broadway.

But the time has come to discuss, and its mostly because the good folks of the Cambridge License Commission granted our Pouring Permit, Common Victualer’s License, and Entertainment License last night. (the pouring license still has to pass through the ABCC before its official, but it feels pretty good to have the city on board with the plans). With these in hand, we can pour full pints of beer, serve tasty snacks, and play music from a stereo system – and I don’t know about you, but that trifecta sounds like the makings of a solid taproom to me!

So let’s talk details: The space will be ~1,500 sqft, and complete with all the exciting things you’d expect to find in a taproom: we’ll have tables, chairs, bar stools, glassware, nifty lighting, and even beer. The space will be in the front right corner of the building, and have a grand capacity of 71 people. There will also be a stylish glass window/wall that stares directly into the brewery so that you can creep on us as we work. We’ll have 6+ beers on tap at all times, and a selection of tasty coffee, tea, and water choices in case you’re refraining from the featured beverages. And we’ll be open from 11 A.M. to 12 A.M. Tuesday through Sunday for your imbibing and hanging pleasure. 

Okay, but you like to drink and eat, you say? Well never fear! We’ll also have a tiny baby closet of a kitchen that will be cranking out the world’s best hot dogs and tater tots. Forget the Germans with their bratwurst and lagers (okay - but not really because that’s all delicious); we’re going American with this beer hall. We’ll have all sorts of fun and flavorful dogs to pair with the beer selection du jour, and we think you’ll agree that there’s nothing better than a good snappy sausage to accompany your ale. Here’s some ideas we're tossing around and testing, but all are subject to change based on what we think pairs and tastes the best at that given instant:

  • Blue cheese chicken dog (for the wing lover among you) with Franks, shaved carrots and celery, and a beer bread bun
  • Classic ol' beef dog with sauerkraut, mustard, white onions, and a potato poppy seed bun
  • Merguez dog with harissa, parsley, citrusy mayo, and a spent grain bun
  • Thai pork dog with spicy peanut sauce, cilantro, hot mustard, crushed fritos (yes - this is delicious - trust us), and a pretzel bun
  • Veggie dog - erm, still working on this one. We'd really like to not serve something that pretends to be meat (tempeh "beef" about no...), so we're playing with some Indian flavors and a cheese and nut combo. Stay posted on this one. (And if you have another killer idea, please let me know)
  • Naked tots (aka beautiful and delicious deep fried potato chunks with a generous amount of salt and pepper)
  • Tots with white cheddar cheese sauce, pickled jalapeños, and scallions 
  • Sweet potato tots with sriracha, curry aioli, and bacon bits
 Here's some of the animals who will be munching our spent grain! Nom nom

Here's some of the animals who will be munching our spent grain! Nom nom

We're also hoping to have bagged snacks available from local and delicious companies (Slantshack Jerky, Biena Chickpeas, etc.) for a quick munch and go. And want to hear something cool!? We're giving our spent grain and hops to some local farms, and in return we're getting delicious, humanely raised, and local meat to supplement the dogs (chicken, lamb, pork, beef, goat, rabbit...). So yes - this means our hot dogs (known to the hip kids as "hop dogs") will have been raised on our brewery-by-products. That's pretty awesome.

That means we’ve got beer, and we’ve got snacks raised on beer. We’ll also have a classy music system cranking out whatever feels appropriate for that hour, and we’ll have an exciting selection of board games to make that first date a little less awkward. We want to have a weekly trivia night (because who doesn’t like drinking and feeling smart!?), and we hope to host a variety of events each month: ideally some educational tasting sessions, guest taps or collabs, and local organizations and artists. We’ll also do tours through the brewery on Saturdays, which will be a grand event with all sorts of brewing knowledge tossed at you, and culminating with your very own tasting glass and flight in the taproom.

Overall, we want to create a neighborhood spot that’s comfortable, friendly, and fun. We want this to be a place where you can hang out, watch the brewing process, learn what we’re all about, and taste our beers. We’re not looking to be fancy (we’re currently calling our interior design “industrial chic”, which is a elegant term for “let’s leave it looking mostly like a concrete box”), nor are we looking to be complicated. We make funky and delicious beer, and that’s what you can expect out of our taproom too. 

 Spoiler alert! Its our taproom....(and a smoke monster). Still some work to do, but you can get the rough idea.

Spoiler alert! Its our taproom....(and a smoke monster). Still some work to do, but you can get the rough idea.

And here’s the best news yet: the building may currently look like a tornado ripped through a construction site, but we’re not actually that far away from opening (in the scheme of this project anyway…). Equipment starts to roll in over the next few weeks, plumbing is happening as we speak, framing and electrical are next, and before you know it, we’ll be ready to share the space with the world. We’re hoping to roll some kegs out the door in early May, and launch the taproom in early June.



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