I know #tbt usually stands for Thursday, but let's sub in Tuesday just for fun today.

Whether you've followed this project from the start (hi mom!), or just picked up on it a few weeks ago, you've probably gathered that our timeline is always way too optimistic, and we've been delayed more times than would be appropriate to count. However, the construction is just about over, and I can confidently say that the taproom will open soon. Like very very soon. 

While working on the taproom this week, I decided to whip out some old construction photos to decorate the hallway. This way you can see a "before v. after" montage of the building on your way to take a pee (yay!). And this, of course, dredged up a lot of hysterical old photos from the course of this project that should probably have been deleted immediately. In the course of our stress about getting everything perfect for inspections and getting the place open, we've forgotten about the crazy past three years: the hours of recipe testing, the real estate hunt, the zoning madness, the first day of demo, the underground oil tanks debacle, the equipment uprighting where we almost dropped a tank, the three month long trench drain install, etc. etc. (see previous blog posts if you want to feel the pain from these certain events). I won't get too nostalgic on you, but it's been a hell of a ride, and we are so freaking glad to be where we are. Ever joked about opening a brewery with your best friend? Yea - we did too three years ago.

So let's take a look at some before v. after photos so you can get a sneak peek of that bathroom hallway.

We start with the brewery side of things...

Now the miscellaneous areas of the space...

And last but not least, the taproom.

Okay, and this I just couldn't resist. 

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