The Life of a Brewery

Holy hops - what an amazing last month it's been!

First of all, a huge thank you to everybody who has come to the growler counter, visited our booth at a festival, or sat at a bar and ordered a pint of Lamplighter - it's the most amazing feeling in the world to have the opportunity to (finally!) share our beer with the neighborhood and beyond, and we cannot say enough thank you's to everyone who has supported us so far.

Secondly, it seems like the last month has slipped by in a whirlwind of a million different activities, so apologies for not writing more updates or keeping the website 100% up to date.

Here's a taste of what we've been doing to keep busy:

  • Brewing. Lots and lots of brewing. We're all a bit giddy with the possibility of whipping lots and lots of recipes now that we actually have the opportunity to brew, so things have been a bit crazy on the brew floor. Right now we have Easy Tiger (Brett IPA), Space Monster (IPA), Metric Systems (Gose), Hot Potato (Spiced Sweet Potato Porter), and Group Theory (Chamomile Honey Wheat) on draft, with many more entering the rotation soon (think Brett ale, dry-hopped sour, DIPA, saison with Brett, pale ale with coffee, etc. - told you we've been busy...)
  • Constructing. Because, despite our best efforts to get the taproom up and running in a somewhat timely manner, the ever impending list of to-dos and inspections keeps changing our grand opening date. But will you believe me if I say we really are super close? Probably not, and you would likely be wise not to. But we really are super close. 
  • Testing. Aka drinking lots of beer. 
  • Distributing. Have you seen a pick-up truck with a Lamplighter sticker rolling around Cambridge? That's AC delivering our kegs to bars and restaurants in the area. Give him a friendly honk and wave if you see him driving past. 
  • Caffeinating. Turns out Alisha (founder of Longfellows) makes the best damn cold brew out there, and we happen to have it on tap. Luckily, The NY Times tells us that an average of 5 cups a day gives maximum health benefits (...), so we're all feeling very healthy right now. 
  • Computer-ing. We've gotten a crash course in paying taxes, putting together invoices, posting OSHA notices, scanning receipts, filing for licenses, and other exciting things that come with selling beer, having employees, and being a functional operation. But doing this all with a beer (or coffee) in hand makes it almost fun.
  • Growler Filling. Nothing better than getting wet and wild with our own beer, and this last month has not disappointed. We're entering week 4 of the growler counter, and things have been going wonderfully. We're so flattered by the many repeat customers, and the people who have sought us out from near and far to sample beers. Thank you all!
  • Festival-ing. We recently attended the SBN Local Spirits Fest and the Boston Event Guide Beer Fest and got our first tastes of dishing up samples to an enthusiastic crowd of beer lovers. It was a blast, and we're excited to do more soon. We also now have a handy online calendar so you can stay updated on all our on and off-site events. (truth? it's pretty much empty right now, but we promise to add events soon)

So, what's up next?

  • More Accounts. We're excited to constantly add new local bars and restaurants to our line-up, so keep checking in with our Beer Map to find the places near you serving Lamplighter. And if you have a suggestion for a draft account we should seek out, shoot us a note, or ask the bar manager to contact us about ordering kegs. 
  • More Growlers. The brewery is open Thursday & Friday, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday & Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. for growlers fills, and we plan to keep it that way until the taproom opens. Come fill up your glassware, try some samples, and see the space!
  • More Beers. We're always experimenting with something new, so keep checking our Beer List for updates on what's available at the brewery and around town. This weekend we'll be premiering our second Brett IPA, Lion Eyes, at the growler counter. And expect to see our Double IPA and Dry-Hopped Sour entering into the draft line-up next week. 
  • Swag. Word on the street is that it's cool to deck yourself out in Lamplighter merch, and stock your kitchen with Lamplighter glassware - available online and at the brewery during growler counter hours. I particularly recommend the sweatshirt to combat these chilly fall days. 
  • Taproom Opening. Like I said, we're close. Our hope is to have our grand opening during the second week of November, so cross those fingers and stay tuned for news. As always, thank you for being patient as we trek through the wild inspectional game surrounding alcohol.  
  • Cans. Our first canning run is scheduled for December 2nd with Ironheart, a mobile canning company (how cool, right!?). More details on this closer to the time, but get excited for some LBCO tallboys in your fridge.

 Stay warm, drink lots of beer, and come visit us soon! 



(A neutron walks into a bar and asks, "how much for a beer"? The bartender says "for you? No charge.")

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