Another Month Down the Drain!

(Which is funny, because we’re now installing trench drains.)

January marked the end of ceiling repair (can we get a “thank goodness!”), and the beginning of our actual brewery renovations. And with that in mind, things are still moving forward on schedule; we plan on dedicating February to getting the brewery side of 284 Broadway ready for some sexy stainless steel tanks, and we expect our various pieces of equipment (brewhouse, cellar tanks, glycol unit, boiler, air compressor, cold room panels, etc.) to show up in early March.

If the brewing and flooring gods are on our side, then the system should be up and running by late March. Oh and let's not forget the weather gods - if we have another February like last, we're in a bit of trouble for getting our equipment through the door. But we have our fingers crossed, and some blow torches ready as backup. (plus things are looking good so far!)

But enough about the future! Let’s talk about what happened during the first month of 2016.

All exciting things to come! More soon. :)



Cayla MarvilComment