The Fun Continues…Wrapping up Month 2 of Renovations


Although we’re already deep into month 3 of renovations, I figured it was time to recap all the exciting things that happened throughout December. There was additional demo! There was power washing! There were even more dumpsters of debris that rolled out of the building! And most of the month was dedicated to addressing the water damaged concrete on the ceiling, and we're glad to announce that the building is only 3-4 days away from being water-damage free. 

So, slowly but surely, 284 Broadway is feeling more and more like a brewery, and less and less like a car garage/concrete box. And since we’re guessing you’d love to relive it all, here’s the quick photo story of month 2 of LBC reno:

reno 2 collage.jpg

What's up next on the docket? 

  • Printing out 400 pages and passing in our Farmer Brewer pouring permit to the city
  • Finishing the ceiling repair and starting in on trenching
  • Figuring out how we're going to get our equipment into the building (turns out our garage door is 6" short of fitting a shipping container...)



Cayla Marvil2 Comments