Very Serious Introductions

As we cruise along on renovations, we’ve had a lot of people stopping by the building to introduce themselves and welcome us to the neighborhood. This is totally awesome, and we figured it was time to e-introduce ourselves to all of you kind followers too.

We took some school photo style pics with festive holiday swag and took the liberty of writing bios for each other.


AC Jones

Co-Founder, Yeast Whisperer

AC spent four exciting years earning a degree in molecular biology and biochemistry from Middlebury College, before heading off to get a brewing degree from the Siebel Institute in the hope that people (and yeast) will take him somewhat seriously. (So far, no such luck). He's a triple threat - not only is AC a pro with lab equipment, he also excels in design and is gifted with a sledgehammer. With these talents in mind, AC has spearheaded the graphic and interior design of Lamplighter and facilitated the start of demo and construction at 284 Broadway. He will, of course, also be responsible for churning out some tasty brews and constantly reminding us that science plays an important role in brewing beer.

Cayla Marvil

Co-Founder, Taproom Queen

Cayla keeps the gears turning and keeps the boys in check. Cayla spent her formative years earning a degree in math, another in brewing, and another in culinary arts. She’s spent a hell of a lot of time working as a chef, bartendress, server, and manager in beer oriented establishments across New England, and will make our taproom the wonderful, welcoming place we know it will be. She’s also taken charge of our website, social media, and Quickbooks, and has therefore made herself the most important one in the company. Oh, and she's a damn good brewer. If you have a problem, call Cayla.

Tyler Fitzpatrick

Head Brewer, Beer Magician

Tyler knows how to make some kickass beer, and earned his chops by brewing at Wormtown, Mystic, and Cape Cod over the past five years. He’s attended courses at the American Brewer’s Guild and is a barrel-aging and Brett wizard. He's also an accomplished photographer, gardener, and bread baker, and grows an unbelievable neck beard. Tyler will work his magic on the shiny brewery equipment day in and day out in order to kick out some truly fantastic beer. And, if you want to drive him crazy, make a bunch of terrible hop puns. Puns are Tyler kryptonite.

And there you have it! Next up we'll introduce the truly important players: our beers. And until then,  happy happy holidays!


Cayla, AC, and Tyler

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