Wrapping up Month One of Demo

Wow. One month down for renovations, and its incredible to see the progress that’s been made.

The building started as an auto repair shop, and is (somewhat) gracefully transforming into the beautiful brick and concrete industrial space of our brewing dreams. Ripping down the insulation has exposed gorgeous high ceilings, skylights, and a bit more water damage throughout the structural beams than we would have liked. Tearing down the haphazard interior cinder block walls has opened up the floor plan, made room for the tasting area and bathrooms, and made us sincerely question building codes from 40 years ago. Cleaning up the plethora of snaking utilities has exposed shockingly well maintained and beautiful brick walls, treated us to a few fun adventures with asbestos (and here we say a huge thank you to the city for helping us work through this in a timely manner), and introduced the thrilling game of “follow the pipe and realize it is ultimately connected to nowhere! Tear it down!”

We’ve cleaned up miscellaneous lighting fixtures that may or may not date back to the early 20th century, we’ve filled eight dumpsters with debris, and we’ve attempted to clean the vine and grime covered windows 5 times before muttering, “we’ll deal with this later.” We even tentatively walked our ABCC inspector through the building who, to our surprise and delight, didn’t seem remotely phased by the fact that the building looked like a tornado ripped through and left no clear signs of a brewery in its wake.

And, after an all too short month of fun and sledgehammers, we’ve got an almost empty concrete box on our hands, and are ready to start playing with different tools; its time to fix the places where the ceiling is dropping chunks of concrete on unsuspecting workers (yes – this is priority #1), carve out some floor drains, re-introduce water and electricity to the building, and make a comfy home for our shiny brewing equipment. And we now have turkey and stuffing in our bellies to fuel the way!

And so, without further ado, I present to you…a most exciting and most exhilarating photo story of month one of Lamplighter renovations! [And I apologize in advance for the somewhat poor quality of the "Before" photos - my (now deceased) phone was on the last legs of life during the beginning of renovations and turned every photo a bizarre shade of purple]

Happy (almost!) December,


Cayla Marvil2 Comments