Brewpub Vs. Microbrewery

Super basically, since the odds are good that you already know the distinction if you're reading this blog, there are two types of small breweries in the US, and they are differentiated by their licenses and where they sell the majority of their beer.  Brewpubs, like Cambridge Brewing Co. are restaurants that also brew their own beer. By law, they have to sell the vast majority of their product on site. You can, however, find some CBC’s products at stores (like Trader Joe’s!) and on some taps, but for the most case, you have to go straight to the source if you want one of their delicious beers.

Lamplighter, on the other hand, is going for a microbrewery license (of the "farmer's brewers" variety, in case you want to get really down and dirty here). Our focus will be more on the production side. With a 20 barrel (bbl) brewhouse and 40 bbl fermenters and bright tanks, Lamplighter will focus on selling our product to bars and restaurants in Cambridge, Boston and the Greater Boston area. Don't panic though - we’ll also be building a taproom as large as we can possibly manage within the facility so that you can come hang out with us and enjoy a beer as we brew.

In fact, the taproom is an important part of the project. The taproom is where we will test all new recipes before they are available for wide distribution. We’re planning on kegging (and hopefully canning…) two beers immediately, (more info on that later!) but at the taproom we'll also always have 6-10 beers on tap, that you can enjoy Lamplighter in a pint, or take a growler to go. These other beers will be produced on our small batch 3 bbl pilot system, and your feedback will be incredibly important when it comes time to decide what else we make available for greater distribution in the days to come. The pilot system and the taproom should allow us to make some fun, creative, inventive, wacky, and delicious styles that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Getting thirsty yet?