Lamp Post Brewing Co...?

What’s the story behind the Lamplighter name? Let me explain…

Coming up with a name for a brewery is a rather arduous process. With over 3,000 operating breweries in the states, just about everything you can think of is trademarked and taken. As our friends, family, graphic design team, and trademark lawyer can attest, we fought a protracted battle to come up with the perfect (yet still available) name for the brewery.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted something that was relevant to the city of Cambridge, while also feeling a little funky, memorable, and fun. We slogged through what felt like a million names, getting increasingly frustrated with each passing idea. Finally, while we were taking a walk through the neighborhoods near Harvard Square, we noticed that almost every street was lined with fun and quirky old street lamps.

We liked the imagery and context, but “Lamp Brewery” sounded pretty terrible…

What about “Lamp Post Brewery”? “Old Lamp Brewery”? Or “Lamp Light Brewery”? Ugh…

Many painful suggestions later, we stumbled across “Lamplighter” and the name has stuck ever since.

And it’s… perfect. The City of Cambridge has a number of beautiful and unique old lamps, and historically employed numerous lamplighters to light the night. Though the profession of the lamplighter has mostly become an occupation of days past, the name is significant to the city, and reminiscent of the rich history and aesthetic of Cambridge.  The lamplighter played an important and positive role in the community by acting as a symbolic “light-bringer”. We plan to do the same (but sub in “beer” for “light” in the above sentence). Luckily, “Lamplighter” is also catchy, unique, and offers some rather interesting opportunities for taproom decoration.

Just in case you’re still not convinced, we’re also giving a shout out to the amazing academics of this city. The Lamplighter Group is a mathematical nickname for a wreath group in group theory. Can’t say this was intentional, but we’re proud of any and everything Lamplighter related.  

- Cayla